Alberson wedding 2012

Posted on June 17, 2013 in Misc DJ Blogs

Alberson wedding 2012

This is why we DJ I got to introduce Deanna Yuri and their families to some Colt Ford and create a memory that Deanna sent to her dad on fathers day it is not for the Money not for the free Wedding cake it is for the memories thats why we do what we do.

Fathers Day 2013Facebook post:  dad and i at yuri and i’s wedding! mY DAD AND i DOING A DANCE OFF TO cOLT FORD, INTODUCED TO US BY OUR DJ rICK sCHRAMM
Deanna Alberson miss my dad, and that was the most amazing wedding a girl could have ever dreamt of!! Rick Schramm thank you for being the best dj and introducing us to this song!! great memories forever!

This was posted with the Alberson’s permission.

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