Melrose Florida mobile Wedding DJ Reception Service

Posted on June 19, 2014 in DJ Services

Melrose  Florida mobile Wedding DJ Reception Service

Congratulations on your engagement! As I’m sure you are already aware, planning the most important day of your life can be a very stressful thing.

We take pride in our services and realize that the DJ is the most important part of the wedding reception. The wedding DJ makes the party, and we always strive to make it perfect.

We have the best dance and party music from every style and era. Our list of music features the most popular up-tempo and slow song selections from categories like: Big Band/Swing, Oldies, Motown, Soul, Dance, Disco, Rock & Roll, Alternative, and Country. We also carry a variety of group dances, like the Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, Macarana, Cha Cha Slide, Etc.. Chances are, we already have your favorite song, even if it’s not on our list. If we were to give you a complete music list, it would be a novel. However, if a song you want for your reception is not in our library, we will gladly acquire it. Be sure to look at our list of standards, because there are certain songs we won’t play. These are the kind of songs that would not usually be appropriate at a wedding reception anyway. Another feature we offer, is a list of music suggestions for theCeremony and the Reception Events. Categories include: Processional Music for the seating of the Mothers, for the Bridesmaids and/or for the Bride. We have music appropriate for the Unity Candle Ceremony (if needed) as well as Recessional Music. For the Reception, we have great selection of songs appropriate for the Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party as well as the Bride and Groom. We have a great selection of songs appropriate for all the First Dances including the Bride and Grooms First Dance, Father/Daughter – Mother/Son Dance, Parent’s Dance, Wedding Party DanceCake CuttingBouquet TossGarter Removal and Toss as well as the Last Dance of the evening.

Live bands can be great for the wedding dance, yet there are a lot of limitations with even the best of live bands.

Live Band Limitations:

  • Limited repertoire of songs
  • Songs never sound just like original
  • Music stops for live band’s breaks
  • Difficulty with volume control and quality

DJ Advantages:

  • DJ has more than 50,000 song titles
  • DJs can play almost any song, any version
  • Music never stops for entire event with DJ
  • DJ controls volume, always great quality

Serving: JacksonvilleOrange ParkGreencove SpringsMiddleburgGainesvilleStarke,Keystone HeightsMelrose  , InterlachenSt. AugustinePalatka, Florida

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