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Posted on June 14, 2013 in Misc DJ Blogs

Mobile DJ’s and Social Media sites are they a good mesh? (re-mix)

Today with more and more people becoming more web savvy they seem to be tired of searching the web and browsing content more and more people are looking to make a connection on the internet be it to find friends, find a date, find a spouse or just find information social media sites have become gathering places for the general population to share thoughts ideas and ask questions. Even the least Internet savvy person has ventured to Facebook, Facebook Business pages, My space or My Yearbook, Google + Google Business pages, and created an account. This opens a new marketplace to many in the mobile DJ industry allowing us to build relationships with potential clients in our region and beyond.

Face Book My Space and My Yearbook, and Google + allow your current fans customers friends to follow you to those venues that allow the public to attend and to see pictures or hear stories of the events that were private or not open to the public. Social Media should be has much a part of a mobile DJ’s business as their music collection or equipment. These venues do not allow for a face-to-face interaction but do allow potential clients or future clients to have a better feel for you by the interaction you have with others or the messages you post or deliver. Keep in mind what you post represents who you are even in your personal profile, Has a business owner everything you do and say is under the microscope. Always try to be professional and be sure your post are as well. It does not matter what type of mobile DJ you are, Clubs, Wedding, Event, Private party, What you post is a reflection of your business, you could be the latest and greatest but one bad post can put you on the do not play list.

I have also found social media a great venue to meet up and coming performers in my area and often times they provide samples of their music to me exclusively to play at some of my open to the public venues. This gives me an edge on my competition now I have the music everyone else wants and can’t find.

Social media strategies for the mobile DJ depend on the DJ what works for me may not work for everyone. Remember if you choose this route what you say is now somewhere in cyber space forever and cannot be taken back save the bickering with the competition, clients, customers complete strangers, for some other time what is posted on your site, blog’s or social media sites are viewed by someone somewhere do you want your customers to see you trash talking other services or do you want them to see that you are confident enough in your abilities to prove you are the right choice.

Much Respect

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